Pachipamwe is a community of young Zimbabwean professionals who studied overseas and have returned home to Zimbabwe. We gather together to share and commune in our experience of living in a foreign country and returning to a home and homes that may be different than we left them, and to focus our energies in doing the neverfinished work of citizenship.

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Let’s build a new, life giving language together, to call us all as one nation, to our very best aspirations. Check out our blog to see what Pachipamwe people are pondering and to dialogue together about ou common work of citizenship. 

Smart employers are already hiring from Pachipamwe! If you want to infuse new ideas, energy and culture to complement your existing team, send us a short description of what you are looking for in a hire. We’ll connect you with excellent talent!

Much have we seen and known

Cities of men and manners, climates,

councils, governments, and ourselves not least,

Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough

gleams that untravelled world whose

margin fades forever and ever when we move…

Come friends,

‘Ts not too late to seek a newer world,

Our purpose remains to strive, to seek, to

find, and not to yield.