We believe for our society to overcome present challenges, and for us to build a beloved society that we can all be equally proud of, it needs us to care and minister to the needs and aspirations of all our citizens. We try to meet this challenge by creating space and opportunities for Pachipamwe folks to engage with one another and with the larger society on substantive issues. We invite you to check our programing to see if there is anything coming up that might be of interest to you. We invite you in turn to let us know if there’s something going on that you think would be edfying to a Pachipamwe folk. 


Pamweni Dialogues

We get smart people to come discuss issues they care the most about. If you care passionately about our common future together and enjoy lively discussions, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch!


As people who have spent some time outside of Zimbabwe, we have gained a deep appreciation for the beauty everyday beauty of our country and its peoples. We therefore plead guilty to trying to hit all the cool spots in the country. Binga Beach we’re coming for you.


A lot of our members are coming back after spending a significant amount of time outside the country and do not know how to figure out housing; where the best watering holes are; best taxi service if it gets late etc. So we’re always on the hunt for useful info like this. 

Happy hours!

Ok, we’ll admit it! Sometimes you just need half a tot of something! We’ll take the other half so you don’t have to do it all alone. Some of our most interesting discussions take place during times like this. Let us know good spots we should check and maybe we’ll see you there!